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Designed and developed by psychologists over the last five years, the Career Development Profiler (CDP) is a series of tests and exercises which have been successfully used in career counselling programs at all levels from undergraduates through to senior managers. The CDP is an integrated career development programme which is comprehensive, used by people from the USA, UK, Europe and really works.

• Helps you make better career choices.
• Comprises three tests - Personality, Motivation and Interests.
• Matches your personality to appropriate job types.
• Helps you develop a Career Development Action Plan.
• Enhances your effectiveness and job satisfaction.
• Gives you instant and comprehensive feedback of results, on-line
• Completed in 15 minutes with 21 pages of feedback and advice.

• Introductory price of £12.50 or equivalent in Dollars or Euros.

What Career Development Profiler users say : -

"The answer to your quest for a more rewarding career and your desire to experience genuine job satisfaction, may lie with the career advisers West Associates. The practice has designed and developed the Career Development Profiler (CDP) that has been successfully used in career counselling programmes at all levels from undergraduates through to senior managers."
The Guardian Nick Pandya writing in his column on work issues in

"I actually tried your 'taster' because I have a 23 year old who is so unsettled on a future right now. I figured I know who I am and if the teaser came up with the same results I know of myself then I would have him take it. It read me like a book and I will refer everyone to it! Kathryn, Fairhope, Al."

“It was quick and very fast- the site works very well. Very user friendly and nothing ambiguous in its style - I like it.” Paul, Training Manager in a large US Multinational

"The test was excellent - it didn't take too long to complete and the results are detailed enough to really point you in the right direction. Excellent value too. I'm currently unemployed and felt ok about investing this amount in taking a step back from things to look at a new career direction." Regards, Lindsey

"I think the price is just right and I found the accuracy of the tests the best feature. I would like to thank you for the insightful website."

"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try out your test - I think it is excellent. Really clear and well worded. I can see why people recommend you as giving good careers guidance." Michele, Chartered Occupational Psychologist

"I have found this assessment very useful. The results have helped me plan and decide where I should aim for in the future. In my opinion, it has been the best £12.50 I have spent. I wish you the best of luck and thanks again."

"I used your tests in a career counselling session together with other psychometric tests including the 'Strong' - your results were spot on." Barry, Chartered Occupational Psychologist

" The results from the Career Development Profiler were very accurate. The best part of the test, and the hardest part also, was having to choose between two things that I felt quite similarly about. It made me realise a few priorities I had not thought of before. I found the test excellent value for money and fun to do. I have already recommended it to several friends."

"What I liked about your test, and what differentiated it from the others, is that you provided roles and examples in connection with your answers".

" When I initially searched for a career profiler such as yours - many other sites came across as false and unrealistic in what they could tell you about yourself. West Associates was very honest and professional and gave good advice about what to expect from the Career Development Profiler. I was pleased with the results which confirmed my own beliefs and interests and gave me confidence that the career direction I was going in was the right one."

"I've just completed the tests - fantastic!. Thank you for this opportunity, it has provided me with an excellent insight, particularly into my motivations and those areas I should pay more attention to."

"All in all I found your career test to be most helpful. As I am a very indecisive person this is exactly what I needed - something to hit the nail on the head. I think the best feature is the way the test highlights what motivates you and also which areas you are most interested in. Other tests I have used have been too vast and just simply told me I was interested in a lot of things!"

"I was worried that the Career Development Profiler would be like the questionnaire I got after I finished my school exams - the results showed that I'd make a good zoo-keeper or policewoman.  I needn't have worried, this questionnaire was a carefully crafted piece of psychometric work, divided into sections such as 'motivation' and 'long term goals'.  The questionnaire showed that magazine writing was the right job for me, and my personal profile landed me squarely in the 'sympathetic and creative people' category. Since I'm a journalist, this assessment is spot on."

"The results were so like me, I couldn't believe it'

"I was pleasantly surprised. The tests were very accurate and enjoyable to do. The report was in-depth, easy to read and constructive. There was a lot to read. I liked it and have recommended the site to my friends"

"I think the reason the test recognised my social inclinations was that it asked me to choose between two options, even if it was a difficult choice, whereas other tests simply asked me whether or not I liked doing something."

“I have just done the Career Development Profiler - the experience is very user friendly, quick and efficient.”

“The Career Development Action Plan alone is probably worth an hours one-to-one counselling” (Business School Careers Advisor)

“The evaluation of the personality test was a real eye opener.”

" I am enjoying my work and, for the first time in a long time, experiencing genuine job satisfaction."

“Very insightful and helpful.”

"This is a really valuable exercise. I can see this will really help my quest for a more rewarding career."

"I did enjoy completing the tests, which gave me some surprising ideas, as well as confirming that, basically I have been in the wrong job for most of my life........ hope this is helpful and thanks - it was fun too!"

'"The Career Development Profiler helped me with my CV and made me feel comfortable with my choice of career."

“The test site itself seemed well designed and very easy to use.”

"Thanks very much for the test. It gave me a somewhat surprising answer but I can see in many ways it was correct. While most other tests have cast me as very suited to the business world, your test showed me as having much greater interest in social fields like psychology or creative fields like writing. I am glad that a personality test finally confirmed what I have long thought: that I am really interested in more caring, social fields, although I still have some interest in business."

''Your advice was very much appreciated by someone who now has to go out into the real world and earn an honest crust."

'I came away on Tuesday afternoon feeling that anything and everything is possible and within reach.'

'I didn't realise how much I had achieved until I analysed the jobs I had done and rewrote my CV as you advised.'

"Thankyou. The results amazed me - confirmed what I thought I wanted to change my career to. Thanks again!!!!!!


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